Who could be free without dignity?

Nowadays, many people think they are free because they are able to act — they consider themselves as irrational animals, a dog or a cat. However, it happens to be the opposite: we act because we are free.

Dignity depends exactly of the capacity of acting because we are free.

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The Google Chrome version 13 is a disaster!

May be I am wrong about this, but it seems to me that Version 13 of Google Chrome is terribly slowing down my web surfing performance. I had to change to Firefox (again!).

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Facebook ideological censorship is quite obvious

The FaceBook management has considered my personal blog — at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002265245928 — as a (quote) “ brand, business, group, or organization” (see image below). Everybody knows that a personal blog ain’t a brand, business, group, or organization — except the Facebook management. The reason for such a strange consideration may have its origin on ideological issues, because I cannot find another explanation for such irrational judgment.
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The Egyptian Thriller

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“Why I am not a libertarian”

«There are many reasons why you could stand against socialism, but among these reasons there are two of them which are conflictual between one another: whether you like free market because it promotes the Rule of Law, or you like the Rule of Law because it promotes the free market.
In the first case you are a conservative; in the second case you are a libertarian.


You may substantiate the Rule of Law upon a traditional conception of human dignity, or you can reinvent it according to a market framework where the right to arbitrary preferences is only limited by a free negotiated contract between the parts involved.


Conservatism is the art of expanding and strengthen the application of traditional moral and humanitarian principles by means of the formidable resources made possible by the free market. Libertarianism is the firm decision to submit everything to the market criteria, including the moral and humanitarian principles.

Conservatism is the Judeo-Christian civilization powered by the great capitalist economy consolidated in a Rule of Law. Libertarianism is an mere instant of the revolutionary process that, by means of capitalism, will allow the heritage of Judeo-Christian civilization and the Rule of Law ending up dissolving themselves in the market. »

Olavo De Carvalho, Brazilian philosopher and author.

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Sharia Law in England

London, Feb.10 (ANI): British Muslim children are being taught how to chop off thieves’ hands and being told that Jews are plotting to take over the world at a network of Islamic schools.

According to The Telegraph, nearly 5,000 pupils are attending weekend schools across Britain, and are being exposed to textbooks claiming that some Jews were transformed into pigs and apes, and that some offenses could be punished with stoning.

Meanwhile, the British media continues pounding the Christians and the gay political agenda has been swallowed by the “conservative” government of David Cameron.

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I wish I am wrong about Egypt

When I see — on Twitter or TV — the young Egyptian people celebrating the departure of Mubarak, it is impossible not to think of what happened in Iran in 1979. I know the cliche by which “History doesn’t repeat itself”, but one would be stupid by not recognizing the similarities between the situation lived in Iran and the current situation in Egypt.

In 1979 Iran, the students were exuberantly demonstrating and celebrating in the streets the departure of the shah, in the same fashion the young Egyptians celebrate today the departure of Mubarak in the streets of Cairo. But the outcome of the Iranian revolution is widely known: the shah was replaced by the much worse political regime of the Ayatollahs.

I wish I am wrong, but I think it is a matter of some months until we see the Muslim Brotherhood hijacking the Egyptian revolution. The women condition in Egypt would retrogress by two hundred years or so; the young secular people shouting today at the streets of Cairo would seek a safe harbor in US or Europe; the Coptic Christians would be obliviously persecuted at the edge of the extermination.

I think that Egypt is actually replacing the Mubarak’s autocracy by a Islamic fascist regime.

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Remember the Spanish Inquisition?

As you know, it doesn’t exist anymore. We have now the Gay Inquisition.

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The liberal bias coming from the alliance Marx / Muhammad

“In 2005, the Egyptian Demographic and Health Survey found that over 95 per cent of Egyptian women had undergone some form of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).”

Egypt’s Villages Fight Female Genital Mutilation

There’s one issue that the liberal media always try not to talk about: the Female Genital Mutilation in Islamic countries, because there’s a sort of tacit alliance between Karl Marx and Muhammad.

The liberal motus is as follows: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. As the Islamic radicals are enemies of the West grassroots freedom and christian values, so there’s a contra-natural Marx/Muhammad alliance flourishing in American and European liberal politics.

During the recent revolution in Egypt we saw the liberal media as CNN — as well as the liberal government of US represented by the socialist Obama and the feminist Hillary Clinton — supporting the Islamic Brotherhood’s assault on power, although in a subliminal way.

However, it is appalling to see how the same people who fights for free abortion and radical feminism, purposefully trying to cover up the lousy feminine condition not only in Egypt but also in almost all Islamic countries.

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Playing God

“The History of Modernity is a dialogue between a man who believes in God, and a man who believes he is god.” — Nicolas Gomez Dávila

All the ugly staff happening in the Middle East and in Egypt has the fingertip of George Soros and the globalists belonging to the Bilderberg Group. In a way, Soros plays himself as God, believing he can shape not only the political environment worldwide, but also impose his personal and subjective views on ethics across all humanity.

Social engineering and huge amounts of money are the means to reach the goals of the new gods. Sixty five percent of all wealth produced by the American people go to the pockets of the one percent new gods. And these are the gods who are supporting puppets like Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Soros’ belief is that he can not only clearly foresee the future but he can also shape it as a child would shape a plasticine doll, or a snowman. For Soros, playing god means putting the risks of his action on the next generations shoulders; for him, what matters is only the fun of shaping the world according to is very subjective worldview, and for that particular purpose he uses the obscene quantity of money he took from the very same society that he wants to turn upside down.

True and real conservatives should stop the new gods. That´s a duty.

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